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Avia training centre: progression flow


The Avia Training Centre comprises the ICAO Level D Flight Simulator plus a range of other training aids including a second simulator designed specifically for procedural training and practice.

In total this provides a complete and comprehensive training program in every facet of this helicopter type, from individual components, assemblies and procedures, through to advanced flying techniques and resolution of in-flight equipment failures and other emergencies.

AVIA & UDC In addition to the two simulators the package includes teaching modules with mock-ups , models and working elements of the following sub systems:

  • fuel system
  • hydraulics
  • fire suppression
  • anti-icing
  • pneumatic systems/ landing gear
  • heating and ventilation
  • control systems
  • transmission
  • plus individual display stands for key structural components such as airframe, engine, gear box and landing gear.

    Finally the package includes a range of interactive computer programs to test student knowledge and progress. Controlled by two instructors using a Local Area Network, up to fifteen students can receive training simultaneously.

    In its’ full configuration the patented Avia Training Centre delivers the ultimate solution in Mi 8/ Mi 17 helicopter pilot and flight engineer training, in one comprehensive package. By using a range of different training tools to thoroughly familiarize students with all aspects of the functioning helicopter, pilots and engineers have a thorough and instinctive grasp of individual systems long before they reach the cabin.

    The centre was accepted as an approved helicopter training system by Ukrainian State Flight Authorities in 2004, and purchased by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense in 2007, with the express intention of replacing much of their former flight training program.